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QUESTION: Binaural beats: How do n.o.w.'s Tones compare? - Alene Sibley

QUESTION: Binaural beats: How do n.o.w.'s Tones compare? - Alene Sibley

“How is the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System different from/better than using a meditation app and binaural beats with headphones?”

This is a question that appears to us regularly, for good reason. Whether through sounds baths and Tibetan singing bowls, or linear digital recordings or another method, people are increasingly familiar with the idea of using binaural beats for a relaxation response. Our Tones seem a lot like other useful tones that are out there on the market, in apps, or playing on Youtube, etc. But they are in fact formed differently and offer a broader experience.

With the helpful magic of software I get to mix in a good portion of a past response to this question, also, from Michael Joly.  

First, n.o.w. is atypical in sound and brain/body reaction due in part to our patent-pending discoveries in the area of aural neuromodulation. The creation of sounds from the Tone Therapy System happens independent of Michael’s original instrument recordings to bring an experience to the listener that we can’t predict, but which has proven through our customers to bring stress and anxiety reduction; there is a shift which happens toward meditative states that appears to be quicker, easier and more effective than anything else on the market today. We have not created binaural beats for the sake of what these beats can do; instead, the beat frequencies created in the play of the System work alongside other components that happen during a listening session. Any beats are just part of the unique-each-time experience that the System is played and listened to.

n.o.w. is subtly––yet profoundly––different. We leave it up to individual users to determine their own preferences but we can say that our feedback and testimonials over time have shown us that the reasons people prefer n.o.w. over other products are as varied as those people themselves.

n.o.w. (which stands for New Origin Waveforms) is one latest development in the emerging field of “consciousness transformation technology,” and yet it sort of goes backwards in time with the use of non-digital, real instrument tones. n.o.w. is self-contained and does not use a mobile phone, or computer app. The Tones were all recorded in a quiet, open setting. They are meant to be played back into whatever environment the user is in at the time of listening so that their own soundscape or quiet environment can interact with the Tones.

The placing of the speakers––whether on the body where gentle vibrations can enhance the experience, or together on a table, or in different areas nearby, all serve to create a new and unique 3-minute experience. The Tones play for three minutes, always and only, in order to deliver a complete n.o.w. session with a beginning, middle and fade-out-to-end of the Tones. Then n.o.w. shuts itself off automatically.

What’s so great about all of this? We believe there are several things:

*Three minutes is easy to find within each day.
*The Tones are tuned to the Universal Tuning Standard of 1 (A432), and while they always sound similar they will vary forever––this will keep your brain from ever being in any anticipation or normal recall, but rather brings to the listener a present-state experience that can never be otherwise.
*Listeners appreciate the lack of gaming and self-competition, or any record of how often or long they listen––what happens between you and n.o.w. stays between you and n.o.w.!
*The vibrational component to the speakers and Tones has allowed us to bring the n.o.w. experience to the hearing-impaired.
*Being voice and music-free means that there is less opportunity for the sort of judgements that can get in the way of presence.

There are no objectives when using n.o.w., no doctrines or belief systems, no overt goals. Listening to n.o.w. and becoming aware of thoughts––and gently letting them go so as to listen to the Tones again, and again, is meant to bring the user to moments of release of their incessant, worry-plagued (or at least very noisy) thinking mind.

That is all it does. And yet, in that, there is much to be discovered. We feel the times between the listening sessions are also important (as listeners become generally less reactive to stress). The System delivers calm and relief in short doses. This is felt in different ways by different users (sometimes in the body, sometimes as waves through the brain, an overall body release of tension and “inner” relief, or as a nice sound…), and those doses string together in ways that users say produce positive life changes. The idea is that over time––be that in the immediate time or over a course of use––having more of oneself available, and more peace, will affect life in uncountable ways.

Is it “better” than binaural beats? The answer really comes down to: it is different than using plain old binaural beats because it is a System of many things that occur along with the sounds themselves. You, the listener, are of course one of those things.

The Tone Therapy System is meant to be SUPER easy so you’ll use it, and ABSOLUTELY effective so that you’ll keep using it; with that, the personal and collective discoveries of the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System continue on and on.

Thanks for letting us revisit this question!

JUST LISTEN!!! And, have a great day today. –Alene (and Michael!)

To hear a 3-minute demo of n.o.w. NOW, click here!