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Just Press On, and Listen

START: Just press ON and listen (Charge if needed, see “Battery” below)

VOLUME: Press VOL to raise volume in two steps. 3rd press resets to initial volume

PLAY: Always listen to both speakers together. You may start one then the next. The action of starting the speakers is the beginning of your mindful moment. Do not turn off n.o.w. Before the blue light goes off at the end of the session. This will shorten the next play time. Do not worry! Just listen two times through letting the speakers turn themselves off, you are now reset to the intended length. 

USAGE: For greatest benefit listen to n.o.w. two times daily for the 3-minute duration.  You’re welcome to listen more frequently, and back-to-back if desired. You can not over listen! 

JUST LISTEN: During a 3-minute N.O.W. session it’s natural and expected for thoughts  to enter your mind. When you notice thoughts and mental interference, bring your focus  back to the sounds and listen. Repeat this practice again and again—it’s part of helping  the tones help you.  

WHY 3 MINUTESThe 3-minute length is both effective (our sound technology gives the benefits of a much longer meditation session) and convenient (3 minutes is easy!). What you learn to do during the session (just listen) is something that will become a natural mindfulness response throughout your busy day, whenever and wherever you are. Try for yourself... sit with n.o.w.'s tones for just 3 minutes, and take that experience with you into your world.

NEW ORIGIN WAVEFORMS: n.o.w. uses completely safe and advanced aural  neuromodulation tone sequences that in only 3 minutes give you the benefits of a much longer meditation session. Every time you listen to n.o.w. it will sound familiar, but is a completely different composition than the last. This reduces your mind’s tendency to  anticipate and wander as so often can happen with listening to linear (CD, mp3), or recognizable recordings. This is why n.o.w. is Yoga for Your Mind. 

NOTE: On rare occasions, the tone sequences will echo for the duration of the session.  This is an intentional design aspect that can reset awareness to attentive listening. This reflective listening will not feel the same as the normal play of tones, and provides yet  another lift out of mental expectations.

BATTERY: Your n.o.w. Speakers have been charged 80%. Due to transit time you may need to charge them if they do not turn on. Once fully charged your speakers will play for weeks without needing a charge.