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How were the tones created? 

Every three minute session that you are listening to is a live performance! Michael Joly specially tuned and modified instruments that he played in a meditative type state of channeled awareness. If a thought or intentional musicality entered the experience, Michael would discard that session. This clear conscious creative state is part of the embedded stillness that you feel when listening.

What is the tuning and frequency of the tones? 

The tuning reference is A-432. The frequencies of the tones range from C-256 to C-512 with prominent use of C-256, D-288, E-520, G-384, A-432 and C-512. These pure tones, and precise intervals, are based on the naturally-occurring harmonic series––the same series used for sound healing therapy by Pythagoras 2500 years ago. 

How and when do you charge the speakers?

The speakers hold a charge for several weeks depending on your usage. The only way to know that they need a charge is that they will not turn on. 

When they are plugged in to charge a red charging light will come on. When the red light goes off they are fully charged.

You can not over charge them! Feel free to plug them in overnight.

Many folks charge once a week or every other. This way they do not have to worry about unexpected battery drain. 

What do I do if I turn off a speaker before the blue light has gone out?

When you hit the ON button right after a session and before the blue light goes out, the next play will be shorter. Do not worry! Just play two times through without hitting the ON button. Let the tones play to the end and turn off automatically. Now your speakers are reset to play the intended length every time.

Why does one speaker end before the other?

Each n.o.w. Tone session length is between 3 minutes and 3 minutes and 40 seconds. This is intentional. The varied play times adds to the experience of new in the moment combinations of tones.

Sometimes one speaker has been turned off before the blue light has gone out from a prior session. This shortens the next play time. (See last question for troubleshooting).

What is the best way to listen?

There is no “best way” to listen. We suggest listening 2 times a day to start experiencing the mindful benefits more quickly.

 You may place the speaker in front of you on a table a few feet apart, next to you, in your hands, on your legs, chakras, belly, etc. We recommend you play with your system and get to know it for yourself. Over time you will find the ways to listen that work for you. 

Is there a way I can play the system for longer than 3 minutes? 

n.o.w. can not be set for longer play times. The timing of the system is very important.

This healing aid was not made to take you away--like a deep meditation. It's purpose is to bring you back. The intention is to land you into your body and the present moment. This is where all healing happens. In the now!

The session is a full cycle experience that needs to be received with conscious listening. The 3 minutes is the only way to do this consistently. 

Can the units be played while plugged in? 


Can my n.o.w. speakers be charged in other countries? Do I need to be concerned about voltage difference?

Yes, your speakers easily can be charged in all corners of the world! They use the international USB charging standard. The same as your cell phone.