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CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Easy to use and essential for anyone dealing with stress..." Plus...  HERE'S TO THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! - Alene Sibley

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Easy to use and essential for anyone dealing with stress..." Plus... HERE'S TO THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! - Alene Sibley

“Easy to use and essential for anyone dealing with stress. My n.o.w. Tone Therapy System really helps me!”

“I just LOVE the Tones. I use the System at night and first thing in the morning to be grounded and get prepared for the day ahead. It sounds beautiful, is quick and the feeling stays with me and helps calm the stresses. Thank you for a wonderful product!”

In honor of this time of year where GRADUATING STUDENTS of all ages head into their next phase of life, while their TEACHERS also transition and say many farewells, I’d like to talk a little about stress. Everything can bring it on, but change, growth and a move into the unknown are just the kinds of scenarios where stress can really strut its stuff.

That’s why I’m so thankful to hear from customers like the one quoted above, who is receiving benefits for life’s stresses. I chose this one as my graduation-gift to readers, because nothing says “I care about your future” so much as a great PRESENT. I’d like us to step together into the present moment, here and now, for the space of a few minutes. Stress, you can scram!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could command stress to beat it whenever we wanted? That requires a couple of things, and one is just being aware of your stress—but, that’s like being aware you have skin! Stress can be such a normal state that we become inured to its existence—it just is, like you’ve been tasked with carrying a huge rock around with you everywhere. When we are aware of it, this can lead to resistance, self-judgment, further feelings of despair. Big or small, stress never, ever feels good. But isn’t it fun to inspect it some more, think about it and pick it apart? No, as a matter of fact, I just realized this is not fun at all. Some present.

Now, then, for something completely different.

To teachers everywhere, I thank you so much for working as hard as you do! What an interesting world a dedicated teacher can make. You show up and guide learners, and you do this in whatever capacity possible. Art teachers, thank you. History and math teachers, who I tried hard to resist, thank you for showing up every day to help us “get it.” Teachers of Special Education, you are shining lights because absolutely everybody matters and you help us remember this. Gym teachers and kindergarten teachers and professors to our computer scientists and dancers and doctors and nurses and the teachers who teach the future teachers, well ALL of you ALL, a big giant hug!!!

What an incredible mission teachers have chosen, and what an accomplishment each day, and each year, to move it all forward. It must be hard to say goodbye! And it must feel like your own graduation, too, because the work you’ve done is now about to spread even farther.

And to the students: they say you are the future, and that is true in a sense. But more astoundingly you are the NOW, right here today. To open the door to increasing your knowledge helps everyone, everywhere in the world. Doing your homework has increased the chance for you to have just what you need in situations you haven’t considered yet. You’ve shown up to school and applied yourself as much as you can, increasing integrity for all of us. You students help your teacher’s sense of accomplishment, you’ve helped your peers be part of a collective, and you are helping now to bring hope to this very moment. You don’t even need to be more, just keep being you. I love students!!! Thank you for caring as much as you know how, so that you can increase who you are by learning what you didn’t know before. The vulnerability into possibility into confidence, and even more trying of new things only happens because you opened yourself to being taught. The efforts you’ve made will lead to directions that are meant to surprise you.


Seriously, I’m inspired: let’s all be students of this world, let’s all begin to listen more, to engage, and to draw forth what is good. Let’s bring ourselves to a million little personal graduations in every year, advancing the cause by showing up and taking in a bit more of what is around us.

We can talk about stress all day, or we can be the student of our own teacher-selves and begin to write a new report for the class, just like the reviewer at the top of the blog who shook me away from starting to dissect, once again, tedious old stress—which is where this blog was quickly heading—and into sincere thoughts of gratitude.

Use whatever is at hand to come into presence and leave the blech behind! Sometimes it can be to sniff a flower or a chocolate piece and just let that settle into your mind, it can be a listen to music, a yoga posture, pondering the light and shadows, a breath, a smile while gazing out a window. Teach yourself these new tricks, tiny ones, just like how a teacher starts—we do not get calculus in 1st grade for a reason, we do not write a book report before reading the book. Be kind to you and start small—the results will build.

And one more time:

Thank you. To everyone who is moving forward into another grade, another job, a graduation of any sort, or simply into another day, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

You’re awesome, and I’m so glad I got to celebrate you today. Thanks for coming to my party.

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