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Customer Reviews, Better Buttons, and the n.o.w. Tones - Alene Sibley

Customer Reviews, Better Buttons, and the n.o.w. Tones - Alene Sibley

The n.o.w. Tone Therapy System enjoys a stream of detailed and highly positive feedback from users. Having grown from a concept that we invented and manufactured (and by “we” I mean an original, intimate 3 person team that is now still intimate at only 4 people), n.o.w. is such a personal experience that we remain mostly hands-off of the “how’s and why’s” of what makes it work for its listeners—we want you to forge your Tone path. But there are times I wish that I could reach an online commenter for further discussion—n.o.w. is 100% simple in how it works, but is also completely different and has no equal. As a wholly new invention, it inspires a lot of thoughts from the people who use it. 

From the beginning of development, when the System was but a gleam in our brains and a ways from being manufactured, we’d planned that the strength of our business would rely on, 1: that the Tones be amazing and real, and 2: that you the listener learn about the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Tones yourself, without relying on what we say. Our desire was to make the System bring calm faster, better, more gently and more lastingly than anything else in its genre, or we weren’t going to make it at all. To this end, our first objective was sound quality.

To appreciate the degree to which n.o.w. is “sound-first,” and to understand n.o.w. as being differentiated from all other audio mindfulness/meditation products available, you must first understand Michael Joly. He is an oddly perfect mixture of talents and intellect—and just enough quirkiness—to be the one person who could bring these Tones into usable reality. Michael is a gifted hearer, someone connected to this sense above all since childhood, who went on to work with early innovations in noise reduction for surround-sound and motion picture exhibition. Try to imagine listening and listening, for hours daily, freeing the mind of thought so as to not miss subtle nuances in sound, all in order to refine the technology used to make reproduced sound clean and powerful. Later as an audio product designer, Michael created an internationally-recognized business with his branded line of studio microphone mods; again, listening and listening.

n.o.w. was built by this person, Michael, who grew up in a world of sounds the rest of us cannot discern, and in an era where—if you were going to play music—your speaker system really mattered. As Michael explains: “I listen to sound at the threshold of audibility; this is important because it is sound that most people are not consciously aware of. But we can actually hear far, far quieter sounds.” These sounds matter.

Long before knowing he would develop the singular Tone Therapy System called n.o.w., Michael pursued ideas in brainwave entrainment and Pythagorean tuning. Over time this sideline became a quiet and self-driven occupation into what sound can do to change one’s present space—in through the ears, onward to the brain, ultimately delivered to the whole body.

Sound first. It’s one bit of fate that Michael placed his focus there, because it’s what makes the Tones work with our whole selves as we listen. It’s where changes can begin for the listener.

All this is a preamble to talking about online reviews today! And really, a certain type of review. See, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System doesn’t come in a form which fits precisely into the technology we have grown accustomed to in the past few decades—its simplicity harkens back to the days of analog radio, but “simplicity” doesn’t necessarily fit what we’ve come to understand nowadays as “convenience.” A recent online review, stating that we’d “missed” features, is a great example. The commenter begs:

1. Remote control, please.
2. ON button on TOP not the bottom of the device.
3. Selection of different sound vibrations based on need… relaxing and motivating.
4. And a bonus point if there was a light color led.

I’m glad that this person has given me a chance to hone in on what I wish I could say to them directly, in conversation. Because I am a nitpicker as well, and always know how things can be better! One thing I wish I could assure this person is that, when it comes to the Tones in the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, we actually got right what needed to be right. The unit function is old-school-simple, because instead of fancier machines we put Tone creation and sound quality ahead of all else—we put our money where Michael’s ears are so the Tones could do their job in ways that go beyond even our own understanding.

The user starts a new relationship to n.o.w. when they push the two buttons that turn the System on, after which it does everything else for you. It is really so beautiful in its function and effectiveness that, not only would you push the two start buttons with joy in order to listen to your Tones, you maybe would go outside and climb a mountain to obtain these results.

But hey, no climbing necessary! n.o.w. happily brings the mountaintop to you. With a few listens, you’ll probably agree with what I’ve found for myself: the Tones will always do the high climbing—and the heavy lifting—for you. We need only listen. And when our minds wander, the Tones gently guide us back to listening. In the end of the 3 minute session, the Tones fade away and you don’t even have to hit another button because the System turns itself off for you.  
Did we put the emphasis into the one place that matters, so that the SOUNDS of the Tones are delivered into the listener, privately and perfectly, each time they are played?

YES. Hell yes, actually, that’s what we did. You cannot work with a master-hearer like Michael and expect to cut corners with sound. n.o.w. is a singular, amazing, life-enhancing device. It takes us away from the conveniences, the worries, the technologies, the thoughts, and gives us back to our best selves; our simple, calm self.

From there, just imagine what might be possible in a simpler, calmer World.

That’s what you, each listener of n.o.w., are helping us to build. I believe this. 

AND thanks for reading and letting me celebrate awesomeness, and always, thanks for listening.  –Alene

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!!

I am a serial procrastinator. If I’m not behind on enough things at any given time, I easily create new things to not be getting to. It’s a true gift that I have. I also like to spontaneously drop everything that I’m doing (or not doing) to take care of someone else’s project or life issue, and I am filled with energy and ideas, always.

This feels like an alone problem, but actually is pretty damn universal. I recently came across a review for our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System which mentioned: “A few minutes of “tones” provides me with positive energy to re-focus during my day.” I know the Tones are relaxing and have a unique ability to calm thoughts and the body in the 3-minute session. I know they help alleviate suffering, they can help one to relax enough to sleep, and they help with performance in athletics, academics, and work. I know all of this because of what people tell us. But…

I wondered if I might try, right this moment, to use n.o.w. with the specific intention of getting motivated toward a project. This would benefit me greatly because I have been days circling around my latest blog. I don’t know why, exactly, because normally I love writing a n.o.w. blog post! But life is so bizzzzy and distracting, and I kept coming up with new blog ideas but getting called to other things—my uncle refers to this as “spotting a squirrel,” just like a dog who runs after one when he sees it, with no thought of his own personal safety. It is attention deficit of some sort, anyway.

I sat down in front of my computer and the blank page, and turned each speaker on. I placed them on the keyboard and thought of motivation, for a moment. I thought of what being open feels like, thought of how not to worry about what to say, and then as the Tones swelled around me I remembered to not think at all. I listened.

Then, of course, a few thoughts came in… I felt behind, surely the Tones could go faster, how to sit for 3 minutes when I was looking to blast forth into productivity, and then:

I listened. I let all thoughts go and I listened, just as we have been asking people to do with their n.o.w. Tone Therapy Systems from day one. No matter what thought came in, I brought myself back to listening. I released that I had an intention at all, and listened. Soon, the Tones faded, I was aware of the sounds in my environment, and I opened my eyes. I had not realized I’d closed them, by the way.

And guess what, here I am minutes later just tapping away at the keys, having fun with my blog, feeling the weight of not-getting-to-a-thing-on-my-list as it completely lifts from me. It’s like my mind cleared up, and I felt energized as opposed to foggy and frustrated. As I write these words I feel conversational and connected, rather than pressured to complete a goal.

People have told us again and again that they are more productive when they use n.o.w. in their day, and it’s true. I already knew that. But I hadn’t used it so intentionally this way before, where I asked it to jump with me through a specific hoop and get me safely to the other side. And voila! Here I am.

This tool, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, is always proving itself to be better and more than I originally dreamed as a co-creator alongside Michael Joly. And after a listening session, I too am always better, and more, than I imagine I can be—it is a tool for Self, for life and connections, and for awakening.

I am grateful and I am now lit!!! Or should I say: “I am ‘n.o.w. lit’!” You can try my experiment for yourself even if you don’t have a set of your own: click right here to be taken to a 3-minute demo. JUST LISTEN.

Have a beautiful moment, whatever moment you are in, right now. XO –Alene

n.o.w. has a Virtual Field Trip! – Jodi Krangle Interviews solu’s founder Michael Joly - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. has a Virtual Field Trip! – Jodi Krangle Interviews solu’s founder Michael Joly - Alene Sibley

A few months ago Michael Joly, the developer of the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System and founder of solu sat down (the online version of sitting down) with Jodi Krangle, prolific voice actor and podcaster extraordinaire. This wonderful interview is a great way to learn where the Tones came from and why, where the work is continuing to go, and what it can all mean for your own mental wellness. Now available on her website; links below!


“In tone therapy, we’ve created a space which is both safe and intriguing so we can solve some of the discomfort problem with mindfulness meditation and we can also solve some of the boredom aspects of it.” – Michael Joly


“I came into the world listening. Other people came in noticing, visually, or touching things, tactically, which is why there are sculptors and visual artists, and some of us were just innately oriented toward the sound of the world.” – Michael Joly


AND, as always, please help yourself to a demo of our 3 minute Tone Therapy System RIGHT HERE.

Thanks for being part of the story everyone!  -Alene