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n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!!

I am a serial procrastinator. If I’m not behind on enough things at any given time, I easily create new things to not be getting to. It’s a true gift that I have. I also like to spontaneously drop everything that I’m doing (or not doing) to take care of someone else’s project or life issue, and I am filled with energy and ideas, always.

This feels like an alone problem, but actually is pretty damn universal. I recently came across a review for our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System which mentioned: “A few minutes of “tones” provides me with positive energy to re-focus during my day.” I know the Tones are relaxing and have a unique ability to calm thoughts and the body in the 3-minute session. I know they help alleviate suffering, they can help one to relax enough to sleep, and they help with performance in athletics, academics, and work. I know all of this because of what people tell us. But…

I wondered if I might try, right this moment, to use n.o.w. with the specific intention of getting motivated toward a project. This would benefit me greatly because I have been days circling around my latest blog. I don’t know why, exactly, because normally I love writing a n.o.w. blog post! But life is so bizzzzy and distracting, and I kept coming up with new blog ideas but getting called to other things—my uncle refers to this as “spotting a squirrel,” just like a dog who runs after one when he sees it, with no thought of his own personal safety. It is attention deficit of some sort, anyway.

I sat down in front of my computer and the blank page, and turned each speaker on. I placed them on the keyboard and thought of motivation, for a moment. I thought of what being open feels like, thought of how not to worry about what to say, and then as the Tones swelled around me I remembered to not think at all. I listened.

Then, of course, a few thoughts came in… I felt behind, surely the Tones could go faster, how to sit for 3 minutes when I was looking to blast forth into productivity, and then:

I listened. I let all thoughts go and I listened, just as we have been asking people to do with their n.o.w. Tone Therapy Systems from day one. No matter what thought came in, I brought myself back to listening. I released that I had an intention at all, and listened. Soon, the Tones faded, I was aware of the sounds in my environment, and I opened my eyes. I had not realized I’d closed them, by the way.

And guess what, here I am minutes later just tapping away at the keys, having fun with my blog, feeling the weight of not-getting-to-a-thing-on-my-list as it completely lifts from me. It’s like my mind cleared up, and I felt energized as opposed to foggy and frustrated. As I write these words I feel conversational and connected, rather than pressured to complete a goal.

People have told us again and again that they are more productive when they use n.o.w. in their day, and it’s true. I already knew that. But I hadn’t used it so intentionally this way before, where I asked it to jump with me through a specific hoop and get me safely to the other side. And voila! Here I am.

This tool, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, is always proving itself to be better and more than I originally dreamed as a co-creator alongside Michael Joly. And after a listening session, I too am always better, and more, than I imagine I can be—it is a tool for Self, for life and connections, and for awakening.

I am grateful and I am now lit!!! Or should I say: “I am ‘n.o.w. lit’!” You can try my experiment for yourself even if you don’t have a set of your own: click right here to be taken to a 3-minute demo. JUST LISTEN.

Have a beautiful moment, whatever moment you are in, right now. XO –Alene