ALERT: Due to recent fraudulent activity, Please be MINDFUL when purchasing from unknown sellers of n.o.w. Tone Therapy. Reach out if you have any concerns and we will let you know if they are a trusted seller. ALERT: Due to recent fraudulent activity, PLEASE BE MINDFUL when purchasing from unknown sellers of n.o.w. Reach out if you have any concerns and we will let you know if they are a trusted seller.
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n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!! - Alene Sibley

n.o.w. Tone Therapy and Motivation!!!

I am a serial procrastinator. If I’m not behind on enough things at any given time, I easily create new things to not be getting to. It’s a true gift that I have. I also like to spontaneously drop everything that I’m doing (or not doing) to take care of someone else’s project or life issue, and I am filled with energy and ideas, always.

This feels like an alone problem, but actually is pretty damn universal. I recently came across a review for our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System which mentioned: “A few minutes of “tones” provides me with positive energy to re-focus during my day.” I know the Tones are relaxing and have a unique ability to calm thoughts and the body in the 3-minute session. I know they help alleviate suffering, they can help one to relax enough to sleep, and they help with performance in athletics, academics, and work. I know all of this because of what people tell us. But…

I wondered if I might try, right this moment, to use n.o.w. with the specific intention of getting motivated toward a project. This would benefit me greatly because I have been days circling around my latest blog. I don’t know why, exactly, because normally I love writing a n.o.w. blog post! But life is so bizzzzy and distracting, and I kept coming up with new blog ideas but getting called to other things—my uncle refers to this as “spotting a squirrel,” just like a dog who runs after one when he sees it, with no thought of his own personal safety. It is attention deficit of some sort, anyway.

I sat down in front of my computer and the blank page, and turned each speaker on. I placed them on the keyboard and thought of motivation, for a moment. I thought of what being open feels like, thought of how not to worry about what to say, and then as the Tones swelled around me I remembered to not think at all. I listened.

Then, of course, a few thoughts came in… I felt behind, surely the Tones could go faster, how to sit for 3 minutes when I was looking to blast forth into productivity, and then:

I listened. I let all thoughts go and I listened, just as we have been asking people to do with their n.o.w. Tone Therapy Systems from day one. No matter what thought came in, I brought myself back to listening. I released that I had an intention at all, and listened. Soon, the Tones faded, I was aware of the sounds in my environment, and I opened my eyes. I had not realized I’d closed them, by the way.

And guess what, here I am minutes later just tapping away at the keys, having fun with my blog, feeling the weight of not-getting-to-a-thing-on-my-list as it completely lifts from me. It’s like my mind cleared up, and I felt energized as opposed to foggy and frustrated. As I write these words I feel conversational and connected, rather than pressured to complete a goal.

People have told us again and again that they are more productive when they use n.o.w. in their day, and it’s true. I already knew that. But I hadn’t used it so intentionally this way before, where I asked it to jump with me through a specific hoop and get me safely to the other side. And voila! Here I am.

This tool, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, is always proving itself to be better and more than I originally dreamed as a co-creator alongside Michael Joly. And after a listening session, I too am always better, and more, than I imagine I can be—it is a tool for Self, for life and connections, and for awakening.

I am grateful and I am now lit!!! Or should I say: “I am ‘n.o.w. lit’!” You can try my experiment for yourself even if you don’t have a set of your own: click right here to be taken to a 3-minute demo. JUST LISTEN.

Have a beautiful moment, whatever moment you are in, right now. XO –Alene