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A man named Sy Sperling famously used to say in his commercials: “I’m not only the President of Hair Club for Men—I’m also a client.” This pops into my head more regularly than I can stand, and it is because: “Not only am I the co-developer of the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System—I am also a listener.” Regularly so.

Never once have I been a person who maintains practices; I am skillfully resistant to structured time and organization, someone who likes to take on shiny new “good habits” with fervor only to drop them before a week and a half has gone by. If there is one thing you can count on with me, it is that I do not count on my own ability to have routines, of any sort.

But, lo and behold! I listen to n.o.w., twice a day pretty much every day. It has been and continues to be a discovery for me in richness of feeling, in effectiveness as a tool for better living, and in giving me the quick hack into mindfulness I always wanted and could never find.

Hey, before I continue, right now I’ll take a 3-minute break and listen to a session of the Tones. After, I can share what comes to me about my experience. In fact, you’re welcome to join me if you like: go ahead and use our DEMO for your own 3 minute experience, then meet me back here.

Okay, back! And wow, that was amazing for me. Not kidding, although I have to say that after 5 years of listening to the Tones, it must seem like an exaggeration that I would say wow. But I’m not exaggerating.

When I turned on the System just now, I stayed at the computer and placed one speaker on each knee. This caused both speakers to be under the table I use in my studio, and I realized they sounded almost “new” to me, once again, because their sound was amplified and made somewhat reverberant by the table top above them. It sounded LOVELY, and was an instant reminder of why the Tones are designed to be played in and with the environment where you are. It was a deliberate decision not to have headphone jacks or Bluetooth added to the System—instead, we added the world.            

I took a nice breath in, and noted that my posture went gently upright. My shoulders dropped back, my chin raised up comfortably—it was like my skeleton put itself back into balance. This was a luscious feeling while the Tones played, an undoing of the position I’d held for the previous hour while looking at the computer and also my phone’s screen, catching up on texts in-between unconscious, “accidental” clickings onto Instagram. Confession: I am the Pro in “procrastination.”

The Tones combined and swelled up to me, and I closed my eyes to listen more attentively. My bones and muscles released their grip on each other, and I found it easy to concentrate. Then the air conditioner decided to turn on then, and it blew loudly from the AC vent I have mostly closed off in the ceiling—this produces a whooshing sound that I generally don’t appreciate, but it blended into the Tones as they played and became another part of the experience—it only took me a few seconds to accept the added layer of sound, rather than wish for something different.

I was able to release thoughts and plans, and the words and words of a blog post and even the points I wanted to remember, and simply trust that I’d be able to get back to it all in only three minutes. Let me say that pure trust, for a few minutes, while letting the Tones take the mind out of normalcy and noise and into a quieted realm, is really something; I had felt myself wrestle for a moment as I’d wanted to mentally jot down some thoughts, then I just let myself get swept away. This, by the way, has translated into an ability to do this in the rest of my life—it is like I’ve been in “Don’t Worry” training. And it’s working!

I go in and out of intent on listening. Though I don’t have the talent to still my thoughts for long, the few seconds I get within the whole session is more than plenty—the Tones become my anchor, then my sail, then the wind, and I am sent moving far from thoughts. A brief moment into eternity is still eternity.

Ahhhh, *sigh.* I’m carrying that calm right now. Thank you for coming along and sharing this with me! I love n.o.w. because it cheerily welcomes me to a new peace whenever I listen. The peace is real, and it has intelligence and influence—it does not stay locked in the moment back when I listened, but rather brings about change to the rest of my day and my life. To me it feels like a quick but profound release of human suffering, creating a tiny vacuum to usher in motivation and inspiration I would not otherwise be privy to. It helps connect all the dots.

Really, what more could an unstructured, routine-resistant, meditation drop-out ask for?

With Utmost Sincerity, and Peace to You  –Alene

And again, click here to try your own 3-minute n.o.w. Tone Therapy Session!