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Private: Tuning in, and Tuning N.O.W.  - Michael Joly

Private: Tuning in, and Tuning N.O.W. - Michael Joly

This morning I had the unmistakable experience of N.O.W. becoming more “dialed in” with each repeated three minute session.

N.O.W. has two physical controls (ON and Volume) and one metaphysical control –– the attention we bring during the final seconds of a session. This third control, attention-during-fade, shapes the qualities of the next tone therapy session heard.

I start my day with a period of N.O.W. listening, stillness and then writing. There are a number of projects going on in our house, things get moved around and covered over. This morning I couldn’t find our “house set” of N.O.W., the set I usually listen to alone in the morning and then later with Alene during coffee time.

Eager to start my tone time, I took one of the open box “loaner” N.O.W. sets and used that instead. Physically this set is exactly the same as any other N.O.W. set. The only difference being that this set had been sent out to a reviewer or early evaluator and returned to us.

So from a physical perspective there should be no difference if I used my usual house set or a loaner set. But there was a difference.

The very first time I turned on the loaner N.O.W. set I noticed it seemed slightly disorganized and less recognizable. There was a bit of distance, a separation between myself and N.O.W.

The Sufi master and musician Hazrat Inyat Khan has described how we can sense the subtle energy left behind in a room, on chair … of someone who was angry, confused or distraught. We can sense the “bad vibes” left there.

My usual experience with N.O.W. (while using the normal house set) is that it is sublimely correlated –– both within and amongst the tones it produces and correlated to me and my life situations.

But this morning I had the unmistakable impression that this loaner set had been out in the world and had been returned to us by someone who didn’t “get” N.O.W. and had embedded some of their discordant energy in it.

This is possible because, by design, N.O.W. has a feature of being exceptionally open and receptive to the state of mind of its user just prior to shut off. I’ve written at length about N.O.W.’s random number generator being influenced by the attention of its users and how this sets up the quality of the tone sequence that will be heard during the next listening session.

This loaner set had to be cleansed and re-tuned!

I started N.O.W. again, but this time paid particular attention during the final fade of tones. I wanted to be sure to remain completely thought free during the final fade, through the following silent period and through the last second prior to shut down. I needed to “reprogram” this particular N.O.W. set by applying clear, open, non-judgmental acceptance during the period in which N.O.W.’s random number generators would select the tone sequences that would be heard during the next session. I wanted to remove the mild layer of discord, confusion, non-acceptance and lack of focus I first sensed when I turned on this particular N.O.W. set.

As a side note, N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveforms. In the last second just prior to power off, N.O.W.’s random number generators (in conjunction with its users) set up a “New Origin” –– the new arrangement of tones that will play during the next session. By design, N.O.W. teaches that we are the authors of our “future”, right now.

It took six listening sessions in a row to get this particular N.O.W. set cleansed of its history of being out in world and being misunderstood. After the sixth session this N.O.W. set seamed friendlier, more familiar, more easy to listen to, and yes –– more effective.

A good N.O.W. session always bestows a “peace that passeth all understanding” (peace beyond conceptual understanding and thought forms). Both N.O.W. and I seemed more joyous after that sixth session.

Just know that N.O.W., by design, is an exceptionally sensitive “product” that is paying attention to your state of mind during the final tone fade into silence, and generation of the next New Origin Waveform sequence (which occurs at the end of the present tone sequence, not at the beginning of the next. A “feed forward” design to use an engineering term).

You can use this to your advantage. Pay particular attention during the final fade. Let thoughts go. Perhaps hold a silent, nearly formless intention such as gratitude, abundance, true love, trust, security or peace of mind. N.O.W. will help you take those realities with you into your day, and bring them back to you in your next N.O.W. session.