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Private: Go!! N.O.W. Tone Therapy on Your Mobile Phone - Michael Joly

Private: Go!! N.O.W. Tone Therapy on Your Mobile Phone - Michael Joly

Feeling stressed, anxious, melancholy, overworked? Feeling separate from a loved one? Feeling worried about work or your financial situation? Feeling upset by a steady stream of troubling news stories? Can’t stop comparing yourself to others you see on your social media streams?

What if you could press one button, right now, and make all that hurt go away? You can, with the Go!! app for your mobile phone.

Go!! couples ancient knowledge about how the mind works with breakthrough sound technology to help you tap into the power you have to find peace of mind and instant answers. Go!! helps you be mentally quiet for a few moments, tap into the peace power inside of you, and reemerge into the world with new insights and game-changing aha! solutions.

Go!! for your mobile uses the same ground breaking New Origin Waveform sound technology found in solu’s hardware-based N.O.W. Tone Therapy System, but puts the power of N.O.W. in your pocket or bag.

Go!! is for people on the move. People who don’t have time to meditate and often find themselves presented with one challenging person or situation after another. Go!! instantly disrupts bad thoughts and bad feelings –– whenever or wherever they occur.

Go!! is three minutes of world-changing insight. Go!! is aha! made mobile. Go!! is a new way of looking at a situation, instantly.

Go!! is quickly and easily accessed –– just touch the Go!! icon on your mobile phone. In the midst of the turmoil of the day Go!! offers new stability, a reset, reflection, redirection, renewed energy and enthusiasm and a loving connection to all that is observed. Go!! provides instant problem relief –– time is not required. Just Go!!

Features ––

  • One button tap to start Go!!
  • 3 minutes of New Origin Waveform tones
  • Each session is new and different, composed for you in the moment
  • No voice guided meditations, just pure tones