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CUSTOMER REVIEW: "These tone therapy speakers have helped my son calm his anxiety..." - Alene Sibley

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "These tone therapy speakers have helped my son calm his anxiety..." - Alene Sibley

These tone therapy speakers have helped my son calm his anxiety. They help him get centered and open to relaxing. He has been suffering from panic attacks and general high anxiety. It has not cured him however I would say it has helped him with about a 25% reduction in symptoms. That is worth 5 stars to me. Anxiety sucks!”

The review from this father gave me a number of things to consider. I felt his pain, I felt his hope; behind his few words sits a lengthy story of personal struggle.

Anxiety is a tremendously difficult challenge. It is frightening to experience even once, for a short period; I can only imagine chronic anxiety and how it leads to increased isolation. Anxiety can be self-perpetuating for a host of reasons, and no matter the intellectual understanding that “everything is okay,” anxiety is experienced so bodily that it cannot be easily reached with rational thinking, or all the loving support in the world. But… it can be reached.

Just one moment of calm, or presence, or release of gripping thoughts, is a big trip-up to a raging mental process and physical overwhelm. I imagine anxiety as something akin to drowning, and so, I imagine what it might feel like to get a breath suddenly, finally. And after that maybe another, and another. It’s the beginning to something other than sinking helplessly and hopelessly, because a bit of oxygen can keep you going. To this father’s 25% reduction in symptoms for his son, and presumably himself as a witness, I take in my own relieved breath.

We hear from many people who tell us that the quick, deep peace experienced with the 3-minute session of n.o.w.’s unique tones has led to direct changes in how anxiety operates in their life. I’ll share more of these in future blogs, because every life is different and every story is significant. We humans cannot be cured of our humanness, or of our particular, individual experiences, but we can live better! We can recover, we can find relief.

When we made the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System, we trusted it to work in its own way with each individual listener. We wanted it to be free of any intentional words, agendas or goals so that it can create a new relationship each time it is played and combined with that particular person’s history and environment and personal factors. More than even we expected, n.o.w. continues to build on our trust and that of its listeners, helping people to find a doorway into their own calm, their own peace, and onward into what sits in the place where inspiration resides.

n.o.w. is but one option in a world that has support for you that you simply may not have found yet. Never give up on this journey! One step at a time, and with n.o.w., also one listen at a time. We believe in n.o.w., and that is because we believe in you.

And lastly to our reviewer Big Dad, I continue to think of you and your son very, very regularly, with great care, gratitude and love. –Alene

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