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Winners of the n.o.w. - solu Tones Photos Contest - Alene Sibley

Winners of the n.o.w. - solu Tones Photos Contest - Alene Sibley

We had a lot of fun with the entries to our contest. It was touching to see how people (and their companions!) experience n.o.w. Tone Therapy System. Thank you to all who participated; we know it took time to create your photos and share your thoughts. You are helping us to help others to understand, listen to, and grow with the Tones—in other words, you are helping us to help everyone change the world.

Without further adieu, here are the results!!


Winning a new n.o.w. Tone Therapy System and n.o.w. carrying case is:



“Feeling safe with the help of the N.O.W. Tone therapy system.”

We really responded to Stephen’s vulnerability and honesty, his lovely picture, and that he speaks of the safety he finds in listening to n.o.w. The Tones really help us access our truest self, a place of actual peace—what could feel safer than this? Thank you Stephen!


Winning a new n.o.w. Tone Therapy System:



“[Sharing] my daily practice with Bodhi (my kitty who loves tone therapy).”

There is a lot of great stuff here! It’s a wonderfully composed photo. One of the most gratifying things that happened when we began offering n.o.w. is that users told us of sharing sessions with loved ones. Soon this extended beyond family, friends and coworkers, and we heard stories of people and their companion animals listening together to the Tones, often with remarkable results. Thank you Constance!


Winning a new n.o.w. carrying case:



“Listen, hear, nothing, everything, heart and soul, mine and of the ocean.”

This photo and quote from Avein were exciting to us because we love how she captured that n.o.w. can really go anywhere, and then take you even further! She captures that the Tones are something that can make the beach even more expansive to your soul—which is hard to imagine until you hear it. And we love the poetic feel of her words. Thank you Avein!


Winning a new n.o.w. carrying case:



“My dog, Puddle, joins me in meditation!”

This entry stood out to us because Puddle appears deeply relaxed. We hear from people all the time who experience as session of the n.o.w. Tones as a fast track into calm. But we have SEEN it so many times in their animals! And, of course, we love the sharing aspect, which is one of the reasons that the System is a speaker unit, free of computers, wires, phones and headphones—just you, the world, and a friend if you like! Thank you Jodi!
If you would like to experience the Tones, try our DEMO HERE!
A few more pictures and Honorable Mentions:

Chatel: “I like listening outdoors. There is so much peace in combining the tones with the sounds of nature.”

Quinn: “I use n.o.w. to calm down after a long day.”

Barry: “The n.o.w. supper.”

Stephen: “Feeling the benefits of the N.O.W. Tone therapy system!”

Maca: “Judy is the cat. She is super chill and was happy to feel the vibrations on her belly while she hung out with us on the porch. Webster is the dog! He was practicing his “place” command and having a little meditation to help him settle down.”

Again, thank you to everyone for participating, or reading, or listening! You made this a lot of fun for us. And thank you also for bringing kindness, calm and peace to this world in all the ways possible. Let’s keep on doing this together. Just Listen.  -Alene